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Luko TV ads directed by Günther Gheeraert Agency: Hors Ecran Produced by Sixtine Producer: Simon Tranié
 Assistant: Pauline Billerey Director: Günther Gheeraert
 DP: Antoine Carpentier […]


Waterloopbos is a national monument and is situated in a beautiful polder forest near Marknesse. It is a historic open-air laboratory where hundreds of studies […]

Constructed Views: Stone Cut

An architectural marvel has sat incomplete in a residential corner of Barcelona since its architect, Antoni Gaudí, died during construction in 1926. For decades, La […]

LoveSick: Somewhere

“This project takes its shape from a conversation recorded between Rachelle and Toby, a real couple, living in Brooklyn,” says director Ariel Danziger. “I wanted […]

They Call Me… Zef

Director Jessica Barclay Lawton follows Zef Valdes, a 21-year-old genderqueer environmental practices student, in an intimate portrait of her life in Cairns, Australia. Lawton’s aim—as […]

Fucked Like A Star

“Many things sparked this film,” says Haitian-American filmmaker Stefani Saintonge. “My complicated relationship with men, my obsession with Toni Morrison, feeling creatively stifled and needing […]


Director Benjamin Madgwick collaborates with hairstylist Claire Moore in a project that tests the audience’s comfort levels by inserting hair into unusual and disturbing places. […]

Young Masters: Baji Quan

NOWNESS China has released a new series of films focusing on traditional Chinese culture as defined by a new generation of young people. Young Masters: […]

They Call Me… Landry

Uprooted from the Ivory Coast and sent to live in Denmark as a child, professional boxing champion Landry “Hardkore” Kore tells the story of his […]

Portrait of a Place: Paradiso

Meet Giovanni Mancusou, a small-town Italian man who lives on Italy’s Mediterranean coast. The wisened Calabrian invites the viewer into his sun-washed world of bright […]

Stranger Than Fiction: Kukeri

The Balkans is home to an ancient pagan tradition where magic and mystery still have a sacred place in the cosmic order. The Kukeri festival […]


A long journey to Northern Vietnam. From Hanoi to Halong, from Cat Ba to Nam Dinh, from Ha Giang to Sa pa, Thanks to all […]
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